stilted and unicycled

by Joel Pomerantz
written 2003 revised 2006 (posted 2003)

if i walked down the street lugging an old black bakelite dial phone, talking into it as if it were a flip cell, would you walk up and ask for your messages?

if I taught you and built you stilts, would you lend me and teach me unicycle?

if I we found one another crying a river of tears because diebold has digitized our dignity and our revolution, would we build a boat and paddle up to the calm tributary of denial? and then chuckle, not knowing why

what chance is there for a black sheep these days? what will violence bring? who can even stop to listen for the low rumble of a sighing culture?

this is not alone words out into the world.
this is a call for side-by-side thinking.
this is a sweet hello from a friend.

i want, some day, to be a 72 year old gentle knowing smile falling in love with an idea. I want capitalization Sometimes.

i want to to show you exploding cucumber pods in the underbrush and say, That! that is you! touch her and she bursts with seeds of thought and passion.

i want a furrowed hum, not for a reply when i say what do you want but for an assertion when thought and passion are one.


Joel Pomerantz

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